Finished Products

High quality and highly effective, these products are ready for repackaging and distribution to the retail or professional market.

Dust-Free Bleach & Lightener

Fast, off-scalp highlighting but gentle enough for on-scalp applications – compatible with any volume cream or liquid developer.

Available in Blue & White.


Tonal Lifting Powder

Color highlighting powder – a bleach & color system in one that lifts and deposits color in one application. Provides color contrast for dark, natural or colored hair without the need to pre-lighten.

Available in Golden Blonde, Copper, Copper Red and Red.


Demi-Permanent Hair Color Powder

Tone-on-tone color; performs like permanent color (oxidative chemistry) but without the lift. Ammonia-free and does not require peroxide.

Shades available in the following series: Natural, Ash, Copper, Mahogany & Burgundy.